Why choose vinyl fencing?

white vinyl fence

Vinyl Privacy Fence

The option of using vinyl for fencing up household premises is fast becoming a popular choice as compared to the conventional wooden fence. Wooden fences come with a large number of problems including weathering off and high maintenance, requiring frequent polishing, painting, repair, replacement, and touch up and not to mention the occasional termite raids, which may wreak havoc on your backyard fencing. This makes wooden fences a long term ongoing expense instead of a one-time solution to your fencing needs.

Vinyl fencing has a number of benefits, which makes it a better and more affordable option for households and large projects like Common Interest Developments, Homeowners Associations and Commercial Developments.

  • Vinyl fencing is inherently UV protected since it contains 10:100 ratio of titanium dioxide, giving it a sun protection rating of up to 38, which also means the paint never wears off and repainting is never required.
  • Scratches and dents are not visible as the paint is absorbed right through the vinyl.
  • The fencing posts are pure vinyl which means they will not shrink, decompose or rust up like metals or woods.
  • Vinyl fence installation may cost a bit more at the initial stage, but will be a cheaper option in the long run as painting, maintenance repair and replacement cost will be eliminated.

At Thomas Fence we provide a manufacturer warranty on all our vinyl fences and once we install it for you, the only maintenance required would be to rinse it off every now and then to get rid of regular dust. In addition,

  • Any graffiti paint marks or unwanted stains can be easy removed using paint thinner or acetone.
  • Vinyl is five times stronger and four times more flexible than wood or iron fence types giving it the benefit of overall strength safety, and low maintenance.
  • Wood would require yearlong chemical treatments, which are highly toxic. The highest safety standards are maintained, while producing these vinyl fences available at Somdfence. Vinyl is completely nontoxic and fully recyclable.

Now getting your dream fence line is even easier with our quick, easy and affordable installation services at Thomas Fence. As Southern Maryland’s most reputed Vinyl fencing company, we offer you the finest varieties of designs and textures of durable vinyl fencing, which will never need painting, polishing of treatments. Our fences are built and installed by our professional fence liners to last a lifetime.

Our expert team will help you choose from a wide range of colors, and styles and buffer up the final look with fencing accessories like gates, walkways, and latches. Our designing team will give you the best quotes and advice whether the requirement is simple backyard fencing or adding a touch of finesse to your property. We provide the perfect combination of high quality and low maintenance.

All our fences come with a lifetime no hassle no questions asked replacement warranty against damage and defect.

For a free quotation and consultation regarding your dream fence-work you may call or contact us via our website.